Project Management

Annotated Model Grant Agreement (AGA)

The Annotated Model Grant Agreement is a practical user guide that explains the General Horizon 2020 Model Grant Agreement (GA). The document’s structure mirrors that of the GA. It explains each GA article and includes examples where appropriate, avoiding technical vocabulary, legal references and jargon.

Participant Portal H2020 Online Manual

Since BBI JU follows most Horizon 2020 rules, the information found in the H2020 online manual is very relevant for BBI JU projects. For example, part of this manual is focused on grant management, and includes useful information on keeping records, amendments, reporting & payment requests, deliverables, reviews, audits, etc. Additional information about "Making the Most of Your H2020 Project" can be found in this IPR Helpdesk brochure.

BBI JU-specific information

Reporting guidelines for projects