01 March 2021 to 19 March 2021

In the context of Industry 4.0, Key Enabling Tecyhnologies (KETs) provide the basis for innovation in a range of products across all industrial sectors.

BIOKET, the BIOeconomy's Key Enablig Technologies conference, aims to contribute to the rise of KETs by promoting emerging KETs applied in the bioecnomy sector. The conference will tackle topics such as:

  • Advanced and innovative biomass pretreatment
  • Technologies for biomass conversion and functionalization
  • Extraction, separation and purification of biomass
  • Process modelisation and analytical methods and tools
  • Innovative tools
  • Design of bioprocesses
  • Advanced fermentation

BIOKET offers different opportunities to meet potential partners such as pre-scheduled B2B meetings, chat space and open group discussions.

Philippe Mengal, BBI JU Executive Director, will participate in the live plenary. More information will follow.