Bioeconomy in Navarra: Regional Networks and European opportunities | Pamplona, Spain

25 January 2019
Palacio del Condestable, Pamplona, Spain

Marta Campos, BBI JU Legal and Contracting Manager, will participate in a conference on the bioeconomy in the region of Navarre and present the BBI JU initiative and funding opportunities.

The event aims to introduce to the opportunities and tools available to the local players in Navarre to innovate in the bioeconomy both at the technological level and in the development of regional strategies. Two upcoming events in March and April / May will further discuss the topics.

Target audience: Companies, technological centers, universities, local government institutions and agencies

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Cicrular economy in Navarra
  • The new European Bioeconomy strategy
  • The BBI JU initiative and funding opportunities
  • The Power4BIO project: Tools for the creation of regional bioeconomy strategies
  • Bioeconomy and innovation in Navarre