EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The EBRD is an international financial institution with a mandate to promote transition to well-functioning market economies, by financing projects and conducting policy dialogue in 38 countries in Central-Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Mediterranean region – including 12 EU Member States.

EBRD activities are characterised by a rapid project scoping, approval and delivery, moulded around a business-oriented banking structure.

The EBRD can offer a range of financing solutions, such as debt (usually loans of €5m and above, although innovative projects with smaller financing needs are also considered), equity or quasi-equity, guarantees or hybrid structures. 

The EBRD has a specific mandate to promote Green Economy Transition in its Countries of operation, and can offer client-specific support to prepare and implement 'green' projects:

  • Project scoping, such as technical feasibility studies, market analyses, assessments of business/investment plans
  • Project management and implementation support, e.g. procurement, monitoring, training
  • Technical assistance, e.g. support for R&D activities
  • Concessional or grant co-financing, when available, focused on technology transfer or innovation

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