BBI JU in the media

Eesti esirikas asub ehitama uudset puidutehast
Pastimees, 08 July 2019
Graanul Biotech granted the permit to build a wood-based demo plant in Järva, Estonia, as a part of the SWEETWOODS project.
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Final Event marks a next phase for Pilots4U
Agro&Chemistry, 26 June2019
With more than 450 registered open access pilot research facilities and more than 100 participating organizations in 20 countries, the BBI JU Pilots4U project can certainly be called a success. 
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6,3 milioni di euro per la ricerca biobased
GreenPlanner Magazine, 26 June 2019
INGREEN project aims to promote waste and by-products from the agri-food industry and paper mills, transforming them into bio-based ingredients, through sustainable and industrially validated biotechnological processes.
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Al via Ingreen, nuovi prodotti per la bioeconomia
Yahoo Italia, 21 June 2019
INGREEN project aims to produce new high-quality biobased food, feed, cosmetic or pharmaceutical prototypes, more sustainable and more effective than the products on the market today.
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Europe's flourishing bioeconomy
Euronews, 14 June 2019
MetGen is a beneficiary of BIOFOREVERBIOrescueSWEETWOODSUNRAVEL and WoodZymes projects.
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Boosting Europe's bioeconomy
Euronews, 14 June 2019
Interview to Johanna Buchert, Vice-Chair of the BBI JU Scientific Committee and the President and CEO of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE).
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La start-up Ynsect reçoit 20 millions d'euros de la Commission européenne
Les Echos, 11 June 2019
Philippe Mengal:
« Ce projet phare, FARMYNG, va contribuer […] à l'objectif stratégique […] qui est de réduire la dépendance de l'Union européenne vis-à-vis des importations massives de protéines », complète Philippe Mengal, directeur exécutif de l'agence Bio-Based Industries, cité dans le communiqué.
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Ynsect fourmille d’ambitions avec sa ferme de scarabées
Le Figaro, 11 June 2019
Kick-off about the new French flagship project: FARMYNG.
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Alimentation : comment la start-up française Ynsect veut devenir le plus grand producteur d’insectes du monde
franceinfo, 11 June 2019
Interview to the coordinator of FARMYNG project.
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How companies across Europe are creating sustainable products using no fossil fuels
Euronews, 31 June 2019
The work of the BBI JU-funded EXILVA project is featured in a report as an example of bio-based solutions that can substitute oil-based products. Starting from 8’ 44’’, the video shows the biorefinery that this project is using to transform Norwegian spruce into microfibrillated cellulose (MFC).
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Biomass: The Role of Science and Science-Based Policy-Making
REVOLVE, 23 May 2019
The BBI JU is featured as an example of the European Commission commitment to ensure research and innovation in biomass and bioenergy.
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Du plastique créé à partir de biodéchets chez Celabor
VEDIA, 22 November 2018
Bioplastic created from food waste in the BARBARA project.
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