Scientific Committee

The role of the Scientific Committee

    The Scientific Committee is an advisory body of the BBI JU established in accordance with BBI JU Regulation. The Scientific Committee assists the BBI JU in providing scientific advice on the areas of work undertaken by the BBI JU.

    The Scientific Committee has two major tasks:

    a) Advise on the scientific priorities to be addressed in the annual work plans;

    b) Advise on the scientific achievements described in the annual activity report.

    Moreover, the Governing Board can ask the Scientific Committee to provide advice on a specific matter of interest to the BBI JU such as the adjustment of the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA).

    The composition of the Scientific Committee

    The Scientific Committee shall consist of no more than fifteen members who are appointed for three years. The appointment can be renewed once for a new three-year term upon a recommendation of a pre-selection panel , and confirmation by the Governing Board. Each member serves in an independent scientific capacity and do not represent countries, employers nor similar interests. Currently BBI JU has 10 SC members.

    The members should reflect a balanced representation of worldwide recognised experts from academia, industry, SMEs, non-governmental organisations and regulatory bodies. Collectively, the Scientific Committee members shall have the necessary scientific competencies and expertise covering the technical domains needed to make science-based recommendations to the BBI JU as well as reflect regional and gender balances to the extent possible. The Scientific Committee has a chairperson and two vice-chairpersons who are elected from amongst its members.

    New Members shall be appointed pursuant to the Specific Criteria and Selection Process for the Composition of the Scientific Committee, adopted by the Governing Board, and each time the number of Members becomes less than fifteen.

    The BBI JU is currently in the process of selecting of new SC members. The call for Expression has been closed on 31 January 2017 and the results are expected in May 2017. For full details download the Call for Expressions of Interest document BBI JU Scientific Committee 2016 Call for members.

    More information on the BBI JU Scientific Committee: