The Joint Undertaking on Bio-based Industries (BBI) is a public-private partnership aiming at increasing investment in the development of a sustainable bio-based industry sector in Europe. It aims at providing environmental and socio-economic benefits for European citizens, increasing the competitiveness of Europe and contributing to establishing Europe as a key player in research, demonstration and deployment of advanced bio-based products and biofuels. The BBI Joint Undertaking will also play an important role in achieving a bioeconomy in Europe.

Bio-based industries and their value chains are facing complex and substantial technology and innovation challenges. As a nascent sector, bio-based industries have to overcome the dispersion of technical competences and the limited publicly available data on real resource availability in order to build sustainable and competitive value chains. In order to tackle these challenges, critical mass has to be achieved in a focused and coherent way at European level in terms of scale of activity, excellence, and potential for innovation.

The BBI Joint Undertaking will mitigate the different types of market failures that discourage private investment into pre-competitive research, demonstration and deployment activities for bio-based industries in Europe. In particular, it will ascertain the availability of reliable biomass supply taking into account other competing social and environmental demands, and support the development of advanced processing technologies, large scale demonstration activities and policy instruments, thus reducing the risk for private research and innovation investment in the development of sustainable and competitive bio-based products and biofuels.